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Sealassic TrekMaster™ Arch Support Walking Shoes

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Want to step without discomfort?

Our feet are what hold us up all day. The way our feet are shaped and how we step can really affect our body in different spots.

With less stress on your joints, you’ll be able to stand without the aches and pains. Perfect for anyone who’s up and moving for more than 8 hours.

Steady TPR Sole

Our non-slip TPR sole keeps you stable and on your feet, even when it’s wet outside.

Perfect for Every Season

These slip-on shoes are a breeze to wear and are crafted with light, airy, top-notch materials for daily wear. They’re just right for any time of the year.

Versatile for Every Style

With a laid-back look, these shoes fit any event. Pick from brown, green, or gray to match any outfit with ease.


✅ Solid Arch Support: Our design spreads your weight evenly for a comfy posture.

✅ Simple to Wear: The stretchy sides mean you can slip them on and off quickly, and they’re cozy all day long.

✅ Airy and Lightweight: We’ve picked the best materials to keep your feet comfy all day.

✅ Grip You Can Trust: The rubber bottoms make sure you don’t slip, so you can walk confidently.

The main material: double-sided fleece

Shipping Worldwide

Note that insured shipping can take 7-15 business days globally, but sometimes you might get your items sooner. We’ll always give you a tracking number to follow your order’s journey. Good things are worth the wait! 😊

Risk-Free Shopping

Bought it and it’s not what you expected? No stress! Just send us an email, and we’ll sort it out by swapping it or giving you a refund. It’s simple and safe.

Please Note

There could be a small difference of 0.5-1cm in size due to the way we measure and cut the fabric, so please look at the actual shoe for the best idea of size.

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