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Sealassic SpillSafe™ 100% Waterproof Reversible Recliner Slipcover

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Keep your recliner clean and pristine with our waterproof, reversible, and pet-friendly SpillSafe™ cover!

30-Day Risk-Free Trial: All of our products come with our Sealassic 30-Day Risk-Free Trial. Always shop with confidence and security with Sealassic. More details here.

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Refresh Your Recliner

Our extra soft, high-quality cover not only shields your chair from wear and tear but also revamps its appearance, making your old recliner look as good as new.

Reversible Versatility

Flip for freshness! Our reversible cover gives you two stylish looks in one, making it easy to switch up your space whenever you want.

Safe from Spills

Our SpillSafe™ cover promises to keep your recliner dry and spotless, no matter the mishap.

Snug Secure Straps

Ensure that your cover stays neatly in place for uninterrupted comfort and style with its attached elastic straps.

Durable & Dependable

The SpillSafe™ is designed to endure and easy to clean, for a consistently pristine recliner experience.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our cover is designed for quick and hassle-free fitting so you can enjoy your updated space in no time.

Perfect for Kids & Pets

Crafted for carefree living, our cover offers robust protection that stands up to playtime and pet cuddles with ease.

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